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Read a review of Amadon here by Seattle Sound Live.

Amadon, now known to many in the Seattle area, has been through many changes, and survived many difficulties. The name has been putting forth music for over 10 years, but has been playing its current roster of songs for 2 years. The sound can be described as rock but with elements for other genres for an invigorating new sound. In addition, when you listen to an Amadon song, you KNOW it's an Amadon song. The band has a clear identity, a clear message, and a formidable brand.

The Beginning: Amadon started with singer and guitar player, Calen Tackett, and former bassist, Lorin Tackett. Back in 2004, the brothers decided they would start a rock band. It was a rough go for a while, but they pursued it for 3 years and learned a lot about music, and a LOT about what they each wanted out of crafted songs. Even though they were brothers, they were interested in different aspects of music and eventually parted ways,

The Middle: There was a long down time for Amadon, about four years. In that time, Calen did a lot of different types of projects to keep busy but Amadon still lurked in the back ground, and in fact, he would at times write songs for a project that didn't exist and had no future. Simply to do something with the music in his brain that was SCREAMING to get out. In 2010, Calen finally decided to get more serious about Amadon again. And now, armed with all the things he had learned doing other projects, Amadon was a WHOLE new beast. After bouncing around dozens of band members, Ashley, Beau, and Daine, have committed to go the long haul with Amadon and take it as far as it will go.

Whats Next: With our recent signing with Mental Itch Records, we plan to hit the ground running. We plan to get our music heard by all that want to hear it, and put our high energy show in as many awesome venues across the US as we can! We're Amadon, and We're here to stay.


Calen - Vox

amSide I got my start in music in my church youth choir. I'm not sure who thought it was good idea for me to join. I suspect it was because they only had one other boy in the choir and I was the only one around. I was NOT a natural born musician. I was terrible in choir and had NO clue about music but it did spark an interest that would quickly take over my every waking moment. I picked up the guitar shortly after and that became my focus very quickly. I played for years without ever joining a band or taking it to the next level. always preparing and planning to be a musician and later, when I did join some bands, I still felt like I was getting ready for the next big thing.

well, for me, that something has arived and its called AMADON. I could not be happier or more excited for what the next year will bring. We have big plans for sure but mostly I'm excited to be working with such a proffessional and talented group of people. When the music comes easy, and the egos stay out of it, and everyone loves what they're doing in the moment they're doing it, there's a certain kind of magic that takes over. We're still a young band, but we'll grow up quickly, and I'm still waiting for the next big thing.

Ashley - guitar

First song that made me want to pick up the guitar was Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. I was 15 and I couldn't believe the tone Jack White creating and I haven't put down the guitar since then. I will have to say the more i delved deep into what music was all about the more I got into Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page's guitar playing. One day I hope to achieve such skill and talent as him, I know how to get there, All I have to do is keep playing.

I'm really stoked to have Amadon be my first band, I've learned so much being in this band and realized how important music is to me. Connecting with other musicians/ fellow bandmates and fans so deeply through it is truly an invigorating experience. If I keep my head straight and keep moving forward, I'll be on the stage at The Royal Albert Hall in no time!!

Beau - Bass

I'm from a small town on coast of Washington state called Raymond and if there's one thing anyone can tell you about the Washington coast, it's beautiful...twice a year...for about 10 being in a small town with nothing to do I picked up the bass.. my number one influence hands down is Tim Commerford from Rage against the machine...the first time I heard "killing in the name of" I knew the bass was for me!! I grew up listening to alot of blues and classic rock so those two genres are a huge part my musical background....

I've been in a lot of little projects here and there but Amadon is the first band I'd truly call a success! From the time I was asked to join the band, til our recent EP release, everything's gone amazingly smooth and the chemistry between all of us has been amazing! I think the thing I'm most excited for this year is to watch Amadon evolve further as we start getting out there more and working on more new material!!!

I'm a simple guy..I love my wife, my family and music. See you guys out there!

Daine - Drums

Man, where do I start? .....Well, I've been playing drums for right around 10 years now and along the way I've played way faster than what makes musical sense in a pop punk band, then went to school and learned how to count more time signatures than most with virtuoso's in a progressive metal band. Found my groove for a few bars with a jazz trio, went out and learned and played a ton of other people's music. Took a couple years off and came back blasting with some death metal, then went to the roots of Seattle with some grunge, went all pop'd out and dueled with a dj at some foam parties for a summer, wanted to get back into the game and went all east coast with some hardcore speedmetal and now Viola! Here I am. Loving the ride so far, and this is only just beginning....Keep up and I'll catch ya in the front row!