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Louie Galarza

A Lien Nation Brings Their "Outlaw Blues" to Mental Itch Music Group

SEATTLE, Washington (October 28, 2014) Christopher Haley’s A Lien Nation bring another genre and high-energy talent to Mental Itch Music Group. “A Lien Nation brings an old fashioned bluesy sound to mesmerize their audience then they bring it up a notch with Haley’s searing guitar riffs reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix. They are equally entertaining to see live as they are to listen to. We are so happy to have them join our Mental Itch family,” Amy B. Taylor, Vice President.

A Lien Nation is a dynamic trio here to help spread some love through music and storytelling; pulling influence from the Blues Greats and writing music that maintains a strong message or concept along with the voicing of blues/rock-n-roll guitar, intuitive deep bass, and eloquently phrased drumming. The goal of their music is growth and spontaneity; which is why they are known as a “live experience”. They reciprocate their environment and cater to the hearts of their listeners. A Lien Nation is rooted in the blues and rock-n-roll genres but prefers the term “Outlaw Blues.” A Lien Nation is sure to entertain both on a sonic level, and also as a visual performance in style and class.

In November they’ll unleash their Kickstarter Campaign to help fund their sophomore release “Virus”. In addition to their Kickstarter, they will be having a show with spaghetti feed on November 28. $10.00 will get you in the door.

A Lien Nation is:

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